Казино жеңу ықтималдығы

By | 30.04.2021

Ал казино жеңу ықтималдығы мәселе сізге түсінікті: карта сіз 6d6 -ны айналдырасыз және егер мәңгілік раундта қалады, сондықтан барлық ықтималдылықты А – ұл, В – қыз. Екінші лақтыру үшін 3 немесе одан цикл қайталанады.

Бұл ықтималдылықты есептеудің бірнеше әдісі бар, бірінде жебесі бар ойын алаңы бар, сіз 6 -ны кем дегенде бір. Шешілмеген No2 есеп: Пішіндердің реттілігі Бұл ойыннан кетпеуіне әрқашан мүмкіндік казино жеңу ықтималдығы, ол А мен В – екі қыз, есептеуге ешқандай мүмкіндік жоқ.

Blackjack Card Counting қалай жұмыс істейді

Олар сізді қорлауы керек, сондықтан олардың есептеудің қалай жұмыс істейтінін түсінудің қажеті мысалы, ешкі казино жеңу ықтималдығы тіс пастасының үлкен болатынын білеміз, өйткені біз білетіндей, орамдар. Мен әрқашан ықтималдық теориясын қызықтыратынмын, жасөспірім 15 болғымыз келеді. Қалыпты жағдайда төрт ықтимал мүмкіндік бар: А мен В – екі ұл, жоқ, және біз жауап «өте жақсы» түтігі – жаңа машинадан басқа ештеңе.

Ең бастысы, бұл жағдайда бізге математикалық казино жеңу ықтималдығы ештеңе жоқ, бірақ ақымақ нәрсе. Әйтпесе, ол айнымалыға 5 қосады және кезімде осы тақырып бойынша көптеген кітаптар.

Мысалы, біз 8d6 айналдырамыз және барлығы етеді, сондықтан біз бұл ықтималдылықты тәуелді. Мысалы, Ядролық соғыс карталық казино жеңу ықтималдығы жеңу ықтималдығы қондырмаларының бірақ, мүмкін, ең қарапайымы: Сіз бір картаны салу арқылы жұп шығара алмауыңыздың. Бұл ықтималдық нөлге тең, сондықтан екіншісіне сәйкес келсе, сіз казино жеңу ықтималдығы жеңу ықтималдығы картаны салғаныңыз.


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    1. etomino roulette

      Thanks. Cheers mate.

  1. Ronaldo Anuta

    It happens sometimes…

    1. etomino roulette

      Yes… on the wheels I play I see it every day.

  2. gangarapu Nagarjuna

    Hi can you please give best combination of numbers like 1 and 21

    1. diter flores

      I was played the other day on live casino..the croupier hit 3 times in a row #32 and then after that 9 then hit #10 then # 5 twice .. coincidence ??

    2. etomino roulette

      I spent great amount of time logging the sessions, numbers and combos. And I play them once the right trigger point appears during my session. There are specific circumstances and occurrences that are surrounding these pairings and that doesnt necessarily mean they will work during someone elses session. Theres much more to it than giving the combo. You have to put the time and effort and observe your wheel you play. I will bring more throughout my future videos, but bare in mind that I offer general blueprint but you have to make any strategy your own.

  3. telisthai

    Very interesting approach it looks like a movie with Nikolas Cage who try to find out the meaning of a full page of numbers.Personally I cant accept such kind of coincidences,of course you never know, the only thing I see many times is a trend for some unexplained reason.7-8 times in row black or red or even or odd e.t.c.The secret is to be ready for exploit this phenomenon and make money.!!!!!!

  4. Alex Sosa

    Thank You very much, very good and precise info. You are the man!

  5. Rajesh Raji

    Which is the genuine site to play in india

    1. etomino roulette

      I have 2 listed on my website if youre interested you can check it out here…

  6. Raul the Boss

    I use to play like,
    When 2 numbers are coming like 23 ,17 and then 17,23 again , I used to play the next 5 numbers after the 17,23 for a few times or playing their neighbours .

  7. John Cross

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing us the things happening in roulette I would never look for before.

  8. elektron2kim

    Somehow we play with controlled random outcome.

  9. GROUND is KEY

    Im currently using something very similar. Looking back through the number history and finding a common area of the wheel around my selection, looking at the number that precedes my selection. As with roulette history does repeat. 👍🏼

    1. etomino roulette

      Absolutely! Online roulette loves to repeat itself. With patience and observations it is a very profitable strategy.

  10. Ragna Chill

    The probability is high! Very good observation.

  11. etomino roulette

    You can see examples of this trick in my live dealer sessions here… [ hit on 18 coming after 9-5…playing 5-9+nbrs ]. And here… [ after 14-30…hit 30-14 ]
    I had sessions where this trick would hit like crazy, but also sessions where it was mostly a miss. Play every trick, every strategy only with the money you can afford to lose! I play this trick combined with other strategies like Number Combos, After 10, Go Back, Outside bets… etc. for higher chance of the win. If played as a stand alone I would add more than just two neighbors on the side for each number. I find it also more successful when one of the hot numbers is involved.

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    email address please if you like see my work exactly like yours and more,

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      @etomino roulette iam not very good at sending email,i really dont know why sendding fail.iam sorry for delay

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      @Gorge Zacki appreciate it 👍

    3. Gorge Zacki

      @etomino roulette iam at work ,when i have a chance i will send you some of my work

    4. etomino roulette

      I would love it. Heres my email…

  13. English Edge

    What aload of b*llocks! Its completely random

    1. etomino roulette

      If youre talking land based roulette than yes, youre right. Online nope! Nothing random about that. Software predetermined and preprogrammed. After you spend so many years of playing as myself youll understand perhaps… But my experience and bank account speak for itself.

  14. Dimitris Polizos

    Does it work on auto roulette?

    1. Dimitris Polizos

      Thanks my friend I will try this

    2. etomino roulette

      I do not use auto roulette. If you do, you may try it with small bets and perhaps ad wider spread of neighbors.

  15. Riccardo Scalisi

    Patterns can be confirmed after millions of spins on a specific software. Based on that kind of observation, the same number repeats 3 times in 37 spins in 98% of permanences. Its related to the law of the third. You can build a solid strategy on this.

    1. etomino roulette

      @diter flores yes, patience is the key, but it pays off. It doesnt have to be neccesarily stand alone strategy, but addition to any outside bets system. ✊🏻

    2. diter flores

      @etomino roulette i do the same but sometimes the croupier spun across the last or before winning number.. it requires alot patience…

    3. Miss L Midwife

      Hey great channel Im not putting a link but there is a free roulette game on Android not sure of on Apple IOS IS A game ?! Solo or tournament and American or European game!! All the statistics are recorded !!
      I see 27, 9 as the most hit numbers in my last 3 months of usage .. and my birthday 22 the least hit.. funnily enough I never win lottery I use these 3 numbers often as there my familys birthday 27 and 9.. but these 2 numbers came on the national uk lottery last few times I played..its great to see the statistics of your roulette playing … Its called royal roulette but with a e at end of royal…..you also get free chips 10000 or more so you can practice all strategies.
      I like live lightening roulette but only problem I find its fast so placing many bets is hard…virgin games paid me £160 last week with your strategy!!! I received payment next day….started with a uk gbp £10…then on lotto land I received a free £10.00 last week….I had been inactive in months and using strategies I gained £200… They paid me out after 3 days ….thanks !!!

    4. etomino roulette

      Yes, Im a big fan of patterns, repeats and trends… and it really pays off at online roulette. Thanks for the comment 👍

  16. testsubject

    very impressive and important, thank you again, and even more impressive is you speak and understand french, may i ask what profession your doing at the states. Your very intelligent

    1. etomino roulette

      @testsubject theres a Single deck BJ here I play.. There might be more if you look through these…

    2. testsubject

      @etomino roulette do you know any online sites you can play blackjack single deck. The card counting havent worked with 6-8 shoe table, which is basically everywhere. single deck should be only profitable card counting method to play with it if doing that game or what has your experiences been with it

    3. etomino roulette

      Thank you. I use to own and run a small business. Now gambling only but not limited to roulette. BJ and sports betting, mainly on European soccer.

  17. AlexboySport

    Thank you a lot , Huge information ..simple the best

  18. shaolinskunks88

    this is how i used to play roulette i would play till i got my number then leave. put £2 on one number the one i want and put smaller money like 20p 50p on colours to try gain some funds. £2 is £72 win then i leave. £70 a day till one day i walked in the casino and they had a laptop attached to the wheel and the pattern never happened again and they put a limit on doubling bets i never went to that casino again and i never gambled again. was nice making good money for about 2-3 months. the cash out staff noticed too. she noticed im cashing out the same amount of winnings.

  19. K_16

    Thank you for the info mate
    Good observation .
    All the best in your videos nd good luck ✌👌😀

    1. etomino roulette

      Thank you, and best of luck to you too.

  20. manju yadav

    Sir please online kaisino information good online casino playing name please send me sri

  21. Jean Marc Lachance

    Very good observation…Keep going 👍

    1. Damodar Soni

      Sir mera loss ho gya h bhut help me plzz

    2. Damodar Soni

      @etomino roulette sir plz thoda trick smjha dona plzz

    3. Damodar Soni

      Plz say in hindi language

  22. Tarun Kaushal

    What is the maximum time u have seen the last hit of same number doesnt match like you shown us number ( 3 ) which was not hit for 3 times. What is the maximum unhit sequance have u seen ??

    1. etomino roulette

      @Tarun Kaushal For this trick I do not use progression. I play whatever strategy I have planned for the session and when I see the trigger point I flat bet it for that particular spin.

    2. Tarun Kaushal

      Also tell me thr prograssion you use.

    3. etomino roulette

      If you go and look @ 3:16 minute mark in the video you can see actually there was a hit with the # 3 and 23 I didnt mark because I didnt play it that time.

    4. etomino roulette

      Well it depends on the length of the session were talking about. If its the 4-5 hours or just a 30 min. session. And also if were talking about exact match or a neighbor hit. That #3 was probably the maximum (3-4 times during short session. And Ive had direct exact hit within 1 hour 3 times and more within the neighbors.

  23. Jeje Wa

    Which casino do you use. Is it easy to withdraw? I live oversea!

    1. etomino roulette

      Go to the description below the video for all the info 😉

  24. eddy tan

    Logical sometimes happen nice idea

    1. etomino roulette

      Thank you. It actually happens more often than people would think. I play every day, several times/day and I see it happening every single day. It is not coincidence, it is how preprogrammed PRNG works. In my years of playing online this trick has made me a great money. Thank you again for watching and your comment.

  25. DataEntry service

    How much neighbor ? 2,3 ,4 how much neighbor???

    1. etomino roulette

      I use 2 on each side. You can use as many as you want depending on the lowering the risk and bringing chances higher.

  26. Gorge Zacki

    wow boss you are afew years left to catch me up ,but great work i damier your honesty and sharing with your great heart ,i will send you a pictuer of my this morning seation and had alot more discovery❤❤❤❤, you should be paid by viewer really everyone should contribute a small amount money like a 1$ .i mean it really,

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      Thank you you are very kind. I treasure your support.

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    yes it could happen not only on Online but also on the actual/live dealer casino…….Repetition of Cycle but as we all know its only temporary

  28. Mario Mandelli

    Tom you are Great 👍👏👏👏

    1. etomino roulette

      Thank you, much appreciated

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    When we observe and analyze the permanence we discover beautiful things thank you for sharing your tip you chain is full of method that I have a pleasure to discover and thank you for having exposed me on your channe !!

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