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By | 10.10.2021

Ойын бизнесі туралы – «Әділет» АҚЖ

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Ойын бизнесі — Уикипедия

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By | 04.02.2021

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    I cant even imagine dieing without saying i love you to my loved ones

  2. im a badass car

    ;-; ok so what if the casino was attacked? ;-;

  3. Creeper_ Protivogazzz362

    Pls make more documentatysss plsssss

  4. CLo

    fucking sick corrupted world, the shooting starts and the dealers have to make sure they lock the chips first, lol disgusting poop slingers

  5. Christian Quirino

    The worker collecting the chips while someone is opening fire is an idiot. More worried about someone else’s money than his life. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  6. Ichigo Kurosaki

    Man the way you explain😩

  7. liam cayabyab

    Di talaga ako makatulog nung pinanood ko to hahahaha

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    1. xtian buenaventura

      mamasapano massacre pls

    2. AngieBeeTV

      Glad to have a documentary for this case.

    3. Doritokid _6541

      I will now re-upload to several websites and social media platforms

  9. Hua Cheng and Xie Lian are whipped to each other

    Theres a limit in greediness. Its not only for the killer, its also for those who made him like that, and for that one person who choose chips than saving life.

  10. Shoto Todorokii

    look like kim kadarshian in met gala 2021

  11. Acci Callada


  12. FourBarLaggins

    Nearly lost me when you said June one but fantastic video!

  13. james overholt

    Youd think 3 guys wearing morph suits would have raised alarms

  14. josefpoop

    this documentary was absolute FIRE bro, instant sub.


    isa za mga kamag anak ko yung kazama jan hys ka call
    Pa namsn sya Bago mAsunog ung pinag tataguan nila hys

  16. DGM

    That there is no Bmw, it is clearly an Audi A8 50 tdi

  17. Lolly Haze

    Money is the root of all evil

  18. Sketcherex

    The way I thought the thumbnail was Kim Kardashian at 2021 Met Gala 💀

  19. Jake Rodriguez

    isipin mo sinunog mo sarili mo habang buhay ka tapos masusunog ka uli sa impyerno lols. bobo

  20. kachyna !!

    some smart people just use their smartness for bad causes.

  21. MAMA G

    natalo ng malaki yan naging desperado na kaya nag pakamatay

  22. Carlo Miguel

    As a Filipino, I’m so tired of close-minded Filipinos always jumping to conclusion to blame Muslims for any sort of negative thing such as attacks

    1. Yusoph Khalil Dipatuan

      Cant blame them, less than a month marawi siege happened. I am a muslim, i cant forget when our neighbors thought that we may be terrorists and must be investigated. Not knowing i can hear them from my windows. It also does not help we live in iligan, 45 min away from marawi.

  23. Crystian Pedroza

    bro I work at a grocery store and we always have an armed security guard at the door, I cant believe a CASINO had a single unarmed guard standing at the door

  24. LimKhaT 4ever

    im the one of guard in rwm in that nigth..!
    this happened ive never been forget in my life…! i see all happened in that nigth..😥😥

  25. Mariel Ang

    One of the best doc channels on YouTube. Please keep the videos coming

    1. Angela

      I wouldnt say one of the best bc there are many professional documentary channels out there. Still, I agree about this video being great.

      Hinay-hinay sin tayo sa ating Dilipino pride.

  26. • P • A • I • M • O • N

    Why is Kim K on your thumbnail

  27. Make it Awesome

    Pleaaassseee moreeee documentaries!!!!!

  28. スーシーバカ ™️

    Carlos was just playing cod mw5

  29. 迷子になっちゃいました

    What infuriates me about this is that some people would go on and say that the killer was stupid for killing a few and shooting TVs instead of people, that he shouldve killed more people to lessen the population. Makes me really angry

  30. RD

    What kind of security team and system do they have?! The fact that it is a casino and only guarded by 1 man who was also UNARMED? frustrating and infuriating indeed!

  31. Junice Serenas

    pero paano kung hindi siya pano kung decoy lang yun tas hanggang ngayon na sakanya parin yung pero

  32. Haris Harry

    this dude says gunman like this dudes a gun.

  33. lol hi

    Your graphics and narration are so good. I hope you’ll get to do more documentaries about PH tragedies.

  34. Aioda Len

    Motive was revenge. He was in debt cuz the casinos are too addictive to him. He was angry of his weakness and sorted to destroying the casino. He thinks the casino stole from him so he stole back.

  35. matthew work

    very nice vid, extremely tragic, all those deaths bc of a nut job

  36. Mikaela Joson


  37. Final Attack Network

    Good video but damn is this a 1/1 copy of Leminnos commentary and video editing lol

  38. Leo Lloyd Catalan

    i remember this, this was on pur TVs for 24/7 updating every movement happening

  39. Dacy

    I’m sorry but i thought the thumbnail picture of this video was Kim K’s met gala 2021 look .. before I read the title of this youtube video..


    Its sketchy to me that Carlos, the suspect burnt himself to death, then only shot himself. Why would you choose the worst way of dying?

    1. Daym

      @Green Keyboard Yes bit of a nihilist but ok you do you

    2. Green Keyboard Yes

      Because he hates himself one day i would do the same because the depression getting higher and higher Fuck Everything why all of us were born if we were going to to die anyways?

    3. Daym

      Maybe to get rid of his body so they wont find him

  41. Friendly Doggo

    his motive is unclear?!?!? is it not obvious he wanted revenge on the casino and his goal was to burn the money????

  42. Smiley leaves

    I would Love to see this in a Netflix Movie….

  43. SuperGamer Guy555

    What does Isis have to do with Philippines??

    1. swæg

      i guess it’s just a stereotype that terrorist = isis. (referring to 5:45)

  44. Fariza Islam

    Genuine question, here states that the female bodyguard radioed for help, she was the only security personnel who saw jessie first with a gun, Why is it that she knows that theres only one gunman, kumalat parin na its a terrorist attack?

  45. Gerald Richards

    Is this channel only about events that took place in the Philippines?

  46. Mister Boi Boi

    I am very tempted to make a LOUD Diamond Casino heist reference…

  47. laura4553

    Wow. This is like the Filipino version of JCS! Amazing job, keep it up!

  48. James Manansala

    Finally a filipino documentary in youtube that has no bot voice and no overused sound effects

  49. crispy rock

    The sympathy people are showing for this piece of shit in the comments is disgusting.

  50. James Ivan Abella

    My heart begins to ache that many people.lost their lives because of a one depressed man 😭

  51. maxene dela cruz


  52. Franz

    A 5 star casino without a proper security.

    What a shame.

  53. Gale

    I remember hearing this on the news but was busy with my graduation preparation that time. He probably only intended to steal money, hence, why he stole the chips worth millions. But when he realized that the security and policemen had him cornered, he resorted to killing himself. The screams in the videos were just horrific. My sister is dating the son of Resorts Worlds owner. I really wanna grill him about this now.

  54. bltbuplb80

    The audio and visual blow by blow account of this documentary is very engrossing.

  55. Mango Madness

    10:17 that was funny why did the guard ran away from him 😭😭 then you see him come out the corner so slowly then shoots a little then goes up the stair in dispair 😭😭 idk why that was so funny to me

  56. james overholt

    Shout out to the dealers locking down their chips as a psycho with an assault rifle is running wild

    1. Kb Mejia

      id run away too, I rather go and find a good cover first before going crossfire

  57. N1ght mare

    12:07 that cant be carlos bcus carlos could have burn someone and escape so people can report that carlos commited suicide even hes not

  58. Markús

    Randomly stumbled upon your channel and I must say man you should make more! This is quality content.

  59. linhbaobui

    I thought the thumbnail was Kim’s MET outfit for a second

  60. ᴇdited

    Casinos should be banned, or at least have a spending limit, I know several drugs that are banned that do far less damage than gambling.

  61. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Sweet Potato

    hmm? where are you now? we need this!!! hope you are okay!

    1. BukPlayz

      fun fact: documentaries are like movies, they take time to make

  62. ᴇdited

    I dont feel bad at all for the casino owners, just the lives lost, including the gunmans.

  63. Jj _Ravioly

    All of these could have been prevented if the f-ing security guard had a gun

  64. Ricco Stewart

    Always keep your guns on you guys ALWAYS. ILL NEVER go anywhere without my gun

  65. Smiley leaves

    Im willing to pay millions of dollars for this stories to be released on Netflix…

  66. esangtube

    Sugal pa! Talpak pa sa online sabong! Walang magandang dulot ang pagkagumon sa Sugal

  67. CLo

    the robbery motive is gaslighting he under prepared if he actually came for a robbery. unless he wanted to move light. but the ending is why i think it was planned to be that way. it was a 1 way ticket and he wanted to leave no trace.

  68. Mister Stiff

    Sugal pa more 😝😝😁😁


    Can you make a documentary about The victims of Hacienda Luisita Massacre which they were just asking for their OWN LAND and the Mendiola Massacre.

  70. NamelessZ3RO

    Diamond casino heist (brutal edition)

  71. SanDy Rides

    Wowww, ang ganda ng docus nyo po. Please upload more po, parang foreign po yung documentaries niyo😍

  72. Miles MacMahon

    The mispronunciations really bug me

  73. No Live Pass

    Manila Film Center next pls!

  74. Mark Arandjus

    4:38 that guy was having a good game and really didnt want to leave.

  75. ゆうと なのだ

    Too much psychos in this comment section.

    hE JuSt SNaPPeD
    IT wAs tHE gaMbliNg ADdICTIONs FAULT
    He Was JuST dEpRessED

    You people need to reassess your morals and stop defending a mass murderer. You wouldnt be saying those if you were one or related to the victims.

    edit: Actually no, I too, am depressed maybe I should set fire to a hospital and shoot the people who exits with an AR-15 then let the patients, nurses, and doctors trapped inside to suffocate.

  76. Michael Vincent Salait

    This is the time, when Rappler spread fake news….That cause panic, without verifying the news….What a shame Rappler…

  77. なのだ Cult

    I dont get it. Whats wrong with the these people from comment section sympathizing with this guy? He fucking murdered two people and then caused panic and deaths just to steal money and satisfy his own greed and addiction.

    He brought an M4A3 ASSAULT RIFLE and GASOLINE. The former is not just an assault rifle, but a FULLY AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLE. You cant buy assault rifles in the Philippines let alone a fully automatic. Hell, even in the US where gun laws are less strict, you will be subjected to heavy background-checks from the FBI if you really wanted one.

    The fact that he knew he could trick the crowd using firecracker rounds (setting live rounds on fire like a firecracker) meant he researched or have tried one before. It is a clear act of premeditation. He had planned all of this. He planned to kill those people for his own desires. If he had access to workers information, he couldve gotten away with it (finding the real cash room, setting the CCTV room on fire, and then leaving through the exit).

    I saw a few comments that said he just snapped or that he was just depressed. Like what? Its okay to commit mass-murder if you have depression and other mental disorders? Am I in Canada? Where they just let loose a psycho who murdered, decapitated, and cannibalized an innocent civilian?

    Yeah dude. when Im depressed, I bring out an AR-15 semi-auto and open-fire at random people on the mall. Sometimes when I snap I pour gasoline on my family and lighting it up.

    Oh and before I conclude this thesis, I also would like to let you know that PREMIDITATION AND MALICE IS ABSENT IN THE CRIMINALLY INSANE. If you unironically sympathize with this guy, youre a fucking psycho and I hope you experience being in a school, mall, or any confined public place with a shooter inside.

  78. blue_mate_ six

    *GTA – 5 kids be like:*

  79. Efren Magabanua

    I love how you narate all of your stories

  80. Yusoph Khalil Dipatuan

    Bro, you got my sub, such a great content! Gonna subaybay your yt pre hahahaha

  81. ayu :]

    rest in peace to the 37 people who died because of it.

  82. Da Baws

    A 16 minute Youtube video is not a documentary lmao

    1. travis fishersson

      @JamesIsCool Nah I agree with him, definitely not a documentary, its more of a short-film than anything. Its still an A1 video so who cares

    2. JamesIsCool

      bitch stfu a a documentary dosent need to be like 1 hour long it could be like 8 minutes and it will still be a documentary

  83. Astra Zraa

    suggest topic maguindanao massacre

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